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character info.
NAME. Adam Monroe
SERIES. Heroes.
AGE. ~800
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'11 ~135
APPEARANCE. David Anders.
STATUS. | TITLE. quick summary. (UNDERLINE PROPER BLOCK BY ADDING [[ text-decoration:underline; ]] WITHIN span style="...;" . THERE'S FIVE FROM RED TO BLUE.)
LODGINGS. Arrived | 24th February 2013 (Week 16 Day 1)
Staying | ???

POSSESSIONS. A torn up photograph, one outfit
WEAPONS. One partially loaded handgun
GOALS. ???
MEDICAL INFO. Literally can't die. His blood heals people.
MENTAL INFO. He's four hundred years old, it makes him a bit of a nutball.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Unless he's the one touching, he doesn't appreciate it.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Gets repetitive when you're as old as he is. Could happen.
INJURE/KILL. Yes, but ask. Mostly yes, though.
THREADJACKING. Not a problem

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SERIES: Heroes: Here
CANON POINT: End of Season 2, just after he's entered the vault
AGE: ~400.
APPEARANCE: Appears to be in at most his early thirties, thinned hair drawing back from his temple, pale blonde, blue eyes, about 5'11. Played by David Anders.


PERSONALITY: Let me preface this by picking out the following words: Adam Monroe is four hundred years old. These words echo behind everything that I discuss in his personality, because Adam's age is responsible for most of his personality traits; the resoundingly simple excuse that fuels a complicated man.

Adam Monroe is four hundred years old. He has seen the rise and fall of empires and civilisations, the rise and fall of the greatest leaders and thinkers of the industrial age, seen humanity gain speed from something feudal to a spectacular and thriving global community. Adam's longevity gives him a unique perspective. He has, after all, survived almost everyone he has ever met.

He was born in an era when the world was quiet, and people took great lengths of time to travel. Horses and sailing ships were the fastest routes to new worlds, and Adam was ambitious enough to leave Britain to try and make a name for himself in this time of empires. He took to drinking and criminality in Japan, a coward if only because he was far too intelligent to put himself at risk, employing others to take the fall for him--and if they survived, he might even pay them. This, at least hasn't changed. Adam still employs others to take his risks for him; Peter is a prime example, though he wasn't so much being employed as led by the nose.

As is often the case in fiction about people who live as long as Adam has, he is subject to a number of tropes more familiar to readers of vampire novels. Adam is stuck in his ways, for instance. There's no doubt that the world as it is now is too fast for him, too complicated, too much. He sees humanity, which has endlessly multiplied, as a scourge--a plague upon the world that needs cleansing, wiping out. A virus that could wipe out 97% of the population, then, is a welcome opportunity.

Even in the 1800s, Adam admitted to being bored, entering into wars, starting businesses, taking wives, having children--it was all old hat to him, often repeated, rarely rewarding. He was already flirting with the concept of his being a god, of his having disciples, followers. Immortality, in his opinion, was the ultimate power. People with elemental abilities had tried to kill him, immense strength, and yet surviving them all was Adam. His longevity gave him the right, so far as he was concerned, to treat others as though they were worth something only so far as what they could do for him.

Adam, too, respects the ability to survive above all others, but because he sees himself as a god and therefore not to be challenged, he is very Highlanderish about it. If he is to be recognised as the outright leader, there can be no other who holds sway over others as he does. As a privateer during the Revolutionary war, Adam comes to blows with a man who has self replicating powers--he fails to hunt him down and kill him, but loses all of his followers at the same time when they are overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Immortality makes Adam proud, willing to make grand gestures to prove himself, unafraid of challenging people or speaking his mind. He has no fear, nothing to fear, except from power thieves such as Arthur Petrelli. If Adam were to lose his ability, he would not only not be able to heal, he would age within moments and perish into dust. Only in extreme moments of helplessness, such as this and when he is buried alive, does Adam show any signs of fear.

Adam is delicate as far as betrayal goes. Hiro's betrayal hit him deeply. Hiro after all, had lifted him out of his no-direction life and made him care about people other than himself, only to fall in love with Adam's 'princess' and take her away from him. Future betrayals are precisely the kind of thing that makes Adam snap. When one of his wives cheats of him and has him killed, for example, he returns to kill both her and her lover. The Company, Hiro--Adam's is a scheme for revenge primarily, though he often justifies that with other reasons; boredom, saving the world, fame and fortune, whatever's most convenient. Adam is vindictive and dangerous, and has absolutely no compunction when it comes to killing others.

Locked away by the Company whose Founders Adam himself brought together, after Adam attempts to steal the original virus, Adam spends thirty years locked away. Since he was put away in the seventies, Adam has missed a lot of modern developments.

Adam is none the less bitter about his incarceration, but he demonstrates another quality, too--patience. In waiting for Peter's name, in waiting for their escape, on bringing together his plan, Adam shows incredible amounts of patience, but he can be seen to snap when things get within reach and things get desperate, raising his voice, growing short with the people around him, if only because he has been waiting for such a long time. There's no room for second guessing as far as Adam goes. When he kills Victoria Pratt, it's instant, as he finds it easier to explain himself to Peter than to give his carefully laid plans opportunity to backfire on him.

Adam is quite capable of good deeds, but they are always for his own gain. Healing his own wife of tuberculosis, saving the swordsmith's daughter, saving Peter's brother's life--he does it all to achieve his own purposes. He is manipulative, unashamed when it comes to using others for his own nefarious schemes, and incredibly capable of doing so. In Peter's case, he unlocks his potential simply by telling him what he wants to hear. They're going to change history, save the world together, and Adam both saves Nathan Petrelli's life (Nathan eventually foils his plan, not that he's aware of this), and helps Peter to get better control of his powers.

Adam has lived in at least seven different countries, served in various armies, and reinvented himself a number of times. He has no fear of change, and is capable of adapting to any given scenario--and making it play to his full advantage. War hero, rich mercenary, plantation owner, dandy, it doesn't matter where or when he's living, he lives luxuriously. Because Adam has also had ten wives, he's seen extremes of love and disappointment. Some of his wives died young, others left him, betrayed him, or lived to a ripe old age. Some Adam left, and others left him--often those who discovered his secrets.

1672 - Helene - Diedenshausen - Germany
Twenty years later she notices that he has not aged, and flees into the forest. Joining a nunnery, she decries her husband as a devil.
1747 - Maria - Milan - Italy
Maria gives Adam two sons, but discovering that he doesn't enjoy raising children, Adam leaves them with two bags of coins.
(Adam spends some time alone here. In 1777 he is a mercenary for the British during the Revolutionary War)
1782 - Frederica - Paris - France
Living it up with the French nobility in Versailles during this time of change, this wife died swiftly after their marriage due to the lead poisoning in her cosmetics
1784 - Yumi - ~Otsu - Japan
Adam heads back to Japan to find the descendants of the swordsmith's daughter, Yaeko. Her great granddaughter marries him, but Adam grows bored of her companionship and fakes his own death some time within the next three years.
1787 - Angelica - NW Territory - America
Adam heads off to find his fortunes in the New World, where men with new identities can reinvent themselves, and marries Angelica. They are happily married for many years after. When Angelica ages and Adam does not, she pretends that she is her son, and then her grandson, up until her death.
1864 - Maria - Atlanta, GA - America
As a plantation owner in Georgia, Adam marries Maria, then leaves to fight in the Civil War. She dies while he is away in a fire.
1901 - Diane - Montreal, Canada
Becoming sick with tuberculosis, Adam injects this wife with his blood, causing her to miraculously recover. They remain happily married for a further twenty years.
1926 - Louisa - Chicago, IL - America
This wife drinks herself to death four months after she sees Adam regenerate after a mugging.
1958 - Theresa - Los Angeles, CA - America
Theresa is the wife who hurt Adam the most. She didn't love him, and she conspires with her lover to kill him. Adam survives being shot twice in the chest and thrown off a cliff, only to return to take his revenge, killing the unsuspecting pair the next morning.
(After this point, Adam takes on the role of a US Army officer at Coyote Sands, and meets the time traveler Arnold when he comes to kill Samuel--who loses his memory. He then instigated the formation of the company out of, primarily, the escaping children from the Coyote Sands camp, as they search for direction. It's clear the pain of his recent marriage has made him harder and crueler than he's ever been, as his plan now becomes the formation of the Company and the cleansing of the world, rather than just living.)
1977 - Trina - Somewhere in America
Adam marries Trina, but is locked up during the same year, essentially disappearing. She remarries, has children and grandchildren, and is killed in a traffic accident in 2001, six years before Adam's release.

Adam is well spoken, with a soft, clear British voice. He phrases his sentences in an outdated fashion, using very few contractions. As for fashion, he is also clearly very aware of how to look good, no matter the year he's from. He is capable of teasing and joking, of both being malicious and gentle, though the later for the most part has fallen apart during his long years. Gentleness has long been reserved for manipulation and for use in his love life. He is neat, cleanly shaven and this neatness expands into everything else.

Adam is still dangerously intelligent. His experiences, and learning history through submersion, have only made him smarter still, given him more scope when it comes to people. Understanding humanity and complex human emotion, too, comes easier with experience, so while Adam isn't a supergenius by any means, his variety of smarts are a force to be reckoned with.

ABILITIES: Rapid cell regeneration

Rapid cell regeneration in Heroes is a combination ability. It effectively regenerates a person's body on the cellular level as well as an obvious one. It permits the following:
- the healing of most injuries; gunshot wounds, burns, cuts, bruises, broken bones etc.
- longevity; at a certain point people with this power simply stop ageing.
- poison resistance; people with this power are unaffected even by such poisons as alcohol.
- limb regrowth; cell regeneration allows the regrowth of limbs in cases of severe injury.
- oxygen deprivation; underwater or buried alive, any damage done to cells by inability to respire is immediately healed.

Weaknesses of this power include the fact that losing the ability will cause rapid aging, and a 'weak spot' at the back of the head; alternatively you could just take their whole head off. If there is something embedded in the wound, such as an arrow or a knife, it must be removed before healing can occur. If it is embedded in the 'weak spot', the user can still heal, so long as the element is removed. Until then, the user will be dead for all intents and purposes; their body can be destroyed so long as it isn't allowed the opportunity to heal.

Further, an advantage of Adam's blood is that it can heal people when given intravenuously--even if that person has suffered a gunshot to the head, or extreme exposure to radiation.

My understanding is that a fatal blow in this game should incur a penalty. My question, then, is whether a fatal blow in Adam's case would be treated as anything that would kill a normal human: i.e. multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, being cut in two etc. or whether a fatal blow only occurs in those moments where he would have achieved a death like state despite his ability: i.e. a gunshot wound to the head, knife into the weakspot, beheading etc. Alternatively, since this probably won't come up often, I can just keep communication open with the mods for whenever the question of severe injury comes up.

One hand gun, partially loaded
One set of clothes, shirt, jacket, shoes, jeans
A torn up <">photograph, with some pieces missing.


[ The first part is in Japanese. Fluent, articulate and modern, as though spoken by a native speaker, even though the man speaking is quite clearly not Japanese. Adam Monroe is blonde, blue eyed, and excessively pale as a result of having spent decades locked indoors.

He's also been very bored for those decades or incarceration, and this is the most fun thing that's happened to him since... Well, it's been a while, see?

In Japanese: A samurai walks into a bar, a beautiful princess on his arm. He says to the owner that he would like a bottle of sake to celebrate his victory over his enemy, and the impending nuptuals between himself and his new bride.

Sure enough, the samurai has his wish. He drinks and drinks until he is soused on sake and falling every which way. At last, concerned, the owner approaches to ask how the samurai intends to pay his bill, but as the man falls unconscious he gets no response.

His bride, taking off her wig, reveals himself to the owner as the samurai's enemy.

"Don't worry," says the bride, in his low, deep voice. "I have bet the fortune of a small country that I can get the samurai to marry me, and with the help of your good sake, I stand an excellent chance of winning."

[ Adam barely shifts in his expression, but changes back to English smoothly enough. ]

How was that? Good? [ He touches his chest with his hand, wide eyed. ] Should I go again?


Adam had taken his eyes off the ball for barely a second, and everything had lurched underneath him. He'd stepped not into the lock up, but out onto the deck of a ship, instead. The brief disorientation seemed to whisk him back through the centuries in the space of a single breath. The sea air, the smell of rust and worn rope, the taint of metal and rotton wood.

For a moment he was back on another ship. bleached deck under his heels, a red flag described with a British union jack ripped and fluttering in the fierce wind. The ocean rocked the ship, the steady swell unmistakable, and Adam climbed back out of the decades back into the new millenium, focusing on the present, on his own surroundings, and recognising that there was only one possible way for him to have ended up here.

A teleporter had brought him.

Peter? Perhaps, but it wasn't the man who came to mind first. His scourge, the villain who had destroyed his happiness, taught him of his invulnerability and then betrayed him, stabbed him in the very heart--but not killed him; no. Hiro. That was the only possibility.

Adam whirled around, looking wildly around the deck at the others who stood, disorientated just like him, searching for that one round face that had once stolen away everything he loved. He would be here, or perhaps he had once again fled like a coward, vanished in the future to torment him another day when at last their paths met once more.

The reassuring weight of his gun settled in his pocket. Peter had failed to get rid of him, but Adam would deal with this threat himself. No more would he be at the whim of this time traveller, whisked whimsically from place to place and forced to live the longer path to their next meeting. He would shoot the moment he spotted him, rather than give him the opportunity to freeze time.

Flicking off the safety, Adam peered deeper off into the crowd, carefully stepped out further along the deck with its worn paint, making easy work of moving with the swell of the ocean. He'd forgotten how much he missed it. He flicked the safety off with his thumb and waited. Any moment now...

And as he walked forward he spoke, muttered under his breath near murderously:

"Come out, come out, wherever you are. I know you're there, Carp. Come out, and let's put an end to this."


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